Maria Magdalena – a woman with experience

The film project „Maria Magdalena – a woman with experience” focusses on the impact of Maria Magdalena in her time, her relationship with the disciples and on clerical life in the modern world, unveiling a truth which helps to redefine the roles of men and women in the church.

The project deals with some issues of my theological work relating to man and woman as God’s image, manifesting the invisible through the visible.

"Invitation to love" Maria Magdalena. The red egg

About the movie project

The film is a contribution towards a female theology as a “speech of God”. This “speech” is a crucial part of the human being, as told in the book of Genesis, wherein Adam, as a man, is requested in the face of God to name the animals, this being the first ever creative act. With God’s consent, the names Adam chose are to stay for good. Thus, man has founded his relationship with the world, naming its meaning defining “his” world as the foundation of his accomplishments.

What has been male’s divine right for thousands of years, is now open for females due to the recent cultural developments of our time. Picturing the “other side of God” the new woman shall name everything, revealing her experience with God, the world and mankind in the light of revelation, thus contributing to a previously unknown holistic view of life.